Everything you need for your swimming pool & spa!
Everything you need for your swimming pool & spa!
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The easiest MaxFlo to install, this ENERGY STAR rated pump offers numerous upgrades from the last model, while still maintaining its high level of energy efficiency.
Pool Pump Features
  • Built in time-clock, designed to be easier to program than other timers.
  • A rotatable user interface, so it's always easy to read your pump.
  • A wiring compartment designed for reliable installation.
  • Tuned to help the average pool owner get a faster payback from their purchase.
  • Drop-in upgrade for the entire MaxFlo family and Pentair SuperFlo!
Designed specifically for home owners upgrading their pump, this 1.5 total horsepower variable speed pump will help you realize savings on your energy bill faster. The MaxFlo VS has also been designed for easy set up and installation; featuring built-in timers for easy programming, a rotatable user interface designed to face the way you need it no matter how you set up your pump, and an easy wiring compartment to make even the most complicated tasks a little more reliable.
Hayward Max-Flo VS Specifications
Installation Type Residential
Manufacturer Hayward
Phase Type Single Phase
Product Type Pool Pump
Pump Speed Variable Speed
Union Connection 1-1/2 x 2 inches
Voltage 230V